Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eyelet Top and Green Capris

I am in love with the material for this top.  I kind of want one in a grown up girl size... Tacky or cute?  I'm still undecided...

The top is made from a heavy and beautiful creamy eyelet cotton with an antique cream colored ribbon.  I added elastic to the straps and about 2 inches down from the top, in order to create the ruffling.

I think I need to add belt loops to the front, because the ribbon would slide down as the wild woman ran around.  Mostly chasing after the dog's toys...

And balloons that weren't hers.

The green capris were a spur of the moment sew.  Made them up while she was napping using a pair of pants she already owns in order to make a pattern. I adapted the Prudent Baby tutorial on pants. I think I'd like to add some decoration to them, but I didn't have time when I made them originally.  We'll see how they end up :)


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