Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Tricky to Rock a Rhyme

Inspired by the onesie dress tutorial on Prudent Baby...

I saw this onesie at Gabriel Brothers (I think it is originally an Old Navy onesie?) and HAD to have it for the girl.  But, it was a size 9 months.  Uh-oh.

Never going to fit my very tall 18 month old.  So I cut off the part that snaps between the legs.  Problem was, it kept riding up her belly without something to add some length.

Enter the attached skirt.  I pleated some corduroy fabric in my stash and stitched it to the shirt.  I wanted a paper bag waist effect on the skirt. 

Pretty much want to eat her up every time she wears it :)

Pilgrim's Progress - Thrift Store Refashion

Shopping at my favorite Goodwill store and found this wonderfully well made navy blue wool long pinafore style dress.  But it had a very "dressing as a pilgrim for Halloween" feel. Scroll down to see the before.


Still, it was asking me to buy it. It just wanted to be a short bubble skirt instead.  I love it.  Don't know if I love the purple tights with it or not?  I do have a more subdued dark gray pair.  Maybe a better choice?

My three and half year old was the photographer for these two.  Thanks bud :)

The before...


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