Sunday, November 14, 2010

15 Minutes of Sewing Fame

As if it were not officially in the record books before, I am certifiably a geek.

Josephine's Beach Combing Wardrobe

else could you explain my geeking out over One Pretty Thing featuring Josephine's Beach Combing Wardrobe on one of their posts?

I check that site every day.  
Multiple times a day.  
Because they update it regularly with A.Mazing DIY projects.

And yesterday they had me on there!

Woot :)

Guess I ought to do a post on Josephine's beach combing wardrobe!


TheFoleyFive said...

that feature brought me to your incredibly beautiful blog! of which i am now a follower, woot woot indeed! :)

Marie said...

Thanks for the kind compliments and the follow :) <3

lili ash said...

Very, very cute outfit!

Mariel said...

I LOVE that skirt!!! Where did you find the fabric and how did you make it? I found your picture in the flicker Prudent Baby pool.

Marie said...

Mariel - thank you! I actually found the fabric at Joann fabric (of all places!). It was in their summer eyelet line, but it was much heavier than a lot of the other cotton eyelets they had. I fell in love with it :) I don't have a tutorial, but it is really easy to make! I'll definitely put it on my "to do" to put up a tutorial. (I just tried typing out here in the comments and it was confusing w/o pics to go along :) )


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