Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kid's Indoor Play Tent

This is what I spent most of last night doing.  I thought up the idea around midnight, and spent the next three hours with Pythagoras, a calculator, and my evolving plans.  I think I've got the pattern done, so now I'm going to try and sew my first one.  It will be Josie's First Birthday present.  And then I'll make one for Ben, too.  I am so so sooo excited, and I really hope the numbers work!


Tam said...

hi there - curious to know if you ever finished your tent project - looking to make something like this for my 4 year old

Indoor Play Systems said...

This is a wonderful piece of art. Thanks a lot for posting the information. I was wondering if there are pictures and videos of the students who are working on a piece of art. I will surely spread the good news to my friends.


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