Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowed In Chocolate Snowballs


Maybe it's because I'm still at teacher at heart, but I adore snow.  It means my husband, also a teacher, is home.  It means we are all forced to snuggle in tight and hang out at the house and eat lots of comfort food without feeling guilty.  And the way things are looking in the mid-atlantic region right now, we'll be snuggling for quite a while.  We have about 30" of snow outside, so I thought I'd post some things to do with all of that lovely, cold, whiteness.

One of my all time favorite treats is a chocolate snowball.  We have them here in the summer time; they're like icees, only far superior ;-)  They're made with shaved (as opposed to crushed) ice.  And real snow does make the best snowball.  Get the how to by clicking "read more."

Step 1: squirt a bit of chocolate syrup in the bottom of a glass


 Step 2: add a bit of water and stir

Step 3: fill a big cup with fresh snow

Step 4: move some of the snow into a smaller glass and pour some chocolate on top.  Stir to mix it up, repeat.  You may need to go outside and get some more snow.
Eat :)

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