Thursday, January 21, 2010

Home Grown Lavender Oil and Potpourri

I love the scent of real lavender, and I have a LOT of dried lavender from my garden.  It's all sitting very prettily in a basket on a shelf just waiting for me to be inspired.  In fact, it's sitting right next to all of the empty baby food jars which are also waiting for some magical inspiration.

So here is my current inspiration: two easy things to do with all (ok, some) of that lavender.

First is an oil infusion which I think I can use for several things.  I'll use it in the cloth wipe solution for Josie's bum.  I'll use it in the bathtub on my sad and dry winter skin.  And I think I'll use it as a hostess gift, too.

Second is an easy peasy potpourri using a baby food jar.

Not that there is too much of a how-to, but read about it after the jump.

Oil Infusion:

Find a nice oil jar.  I got this one from wal-mart, of all places.  Gather your olive oil (I know this isn't what you might traditionally use to infuse lavender, but I like to add a bit to Josie's wipe solution, and it is my favorite oil for dry skin.), your lavender, a pair of scissors, and some twine to decorate.

Cut the lavender to fit in the jar.  Vary the lengths of the stems for a prettier look.  Put shorter pieces in first, then longer pieces, otherwise they all get jammed up in the bottleneck.  I didn't think of that until I had that problem :)

Pour in your oil and tie with some twine.  Done!

To make the potpourri, scoop up any stray lavender that has fallen off the stems while you were cutting.  Dump them in the bottom of the baby food jar.  Clip shorter pieces to arrange in the jar. 

If giving as a gift, keep them shorter than the rim, so that you can screw the cap back on.  If you're leaving it out in your house, it looks nice to have some pieces sticking out of the jar.  Tie up with twine and you're all finished!  I stuck a few pieces of lavender through the knot in the twine when I gave this as a hostess gift.


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