Thursday, January 21, 2010

Katrina's Soaker Tutorial for the Novice Sewer - Part 2

Here is part two of the tutorial.  Also, if you are a super newbie sewer, this post on Prudent Baby's Blog is a great place to see a quick and easy video tutorial on using a sewing machine. 

For Part One of the tutorial, click here.

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Ok, so you should have all of your pieces cut out, and the wet zone piece is sewn to your soaker.

Now you need to fold the soaker body with right sides together, and pin the edges between the waist and the leg holes.

Sew each edge.  Backstitch (start sewing forward for a bit, and then sew backward, and then sew forward again.  It locks the end of the seam so that it won't unravel.) at the beginning and end of each edge.

Turn your soaker right side out.  Admire how far you've come!

Lay the waistband horizontally, right side of fabric facing up.  Pick up the left edge and fold it in half, bringing the left side over to the right edge.  It should be folded into a fat rectangle with the wrong side of the material facing you.  Pin the edge and sew.  Remember to backstitch each end.

It should look like this when you have stitched the seam.  Notice the top and bottom edges are not stitched closed.

Do the same thing for the leg bands.

Now stick with me.  This is a little confusing.  Turn the waistband in half, with the wrong side inside.  Like this:

Now you need to attach it to the soaker body. Lay the soaker and waist band in front of you like this:

Note that the back seam is lined up with the middle back of the soaker.

Slip the soaker inside the waistband.  It won't fit perfectly.  The waistband is smaller than the soaker.  That's ok :)

Next post I'll share pics of how to ease the fabric and pin.  Hang in there, you're almost done!

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Stephanie(ktryrl_sc) said...

Looking good mama!!!!Thanks again and i can't wait for the last part:)I should be getting my fabric in a day or two and i'm gonna take the plunge!


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