Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Katrina's Soaker Tutorial for the Novice Sewer - Part 1

I love these fleece cloth diaper covers in the Katrina pattern. It is so generous of her to share it with all of us cloth diapering mamas! While I sell some in my etsy shop, I think that if you are a handy mama, you can sew your own. It really feels wonderful to know that you've made something for your own little one. So if you are a novice sewer, this tute is for you!

Get the first part of the tutorial after the jump.  I'll add the next parts over the next couple of days.

Cutting the Fleece
It is important to cut your fleece with the stretch. The stretch should go across the body of the soaker, NOT up and down the soaker. That way it can get around your little one's bum :)

Cutting the Wet Zone Soaker
I fold this pattern piece in half, in order to make sure I get a symmetrical cut.

Pin it to your fabric (making sure stretch goes across the soaker, NOT up and down) and cut.  I use pinking shears for this, but it really doesn't matter, because fleece does not ravel.

Cutting Waist and Leg Bands
Make sure that the stretch goes with the long side of the rectangle!  Pin and cut.  Make sure to cut two of the little leg bands, one for each leg!

Sewing the Wet Zone Piece to the Soaker Body
Center the wet zone piece on the soaker.  Make sure wrong sides are together.  When centering, you can eyeball it, or, you can mark the middle of the soaker back, fold the wet zone in half, and line them up.  Unfold, and pin.  Make sure the pins are always going in a counter clock wise direction, that way you can pull them out easily as you sew.

Sew 'er up!

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